Evaporator Coil Services in Spring

Don’t stay stuck in a hot and humid home! Call Morrow Mechanical for evaporator coil services in Spring and The Greater Houston Area.

Losing the ability to cool your home during a hot, Texas summer is simply unacceptable for most homeowners. One of the most important elements of your home’s AC system is the evaporator coil, and once it develops a leak or stops working efficiently, the entire system is compromised. This leaves you and your family sweating out until help can arrive. Luckily, Morrow Mechanical has technicians that can be quickly ready to help.

Morrow Mechanical has been in business since 2000, providing the people of Spring, TX with high-quality evaporator coil replacement and evaporator coil repair that always gets the results you need. With friendly technicians and an on-time guarantee, their technicians can have your AC up and running faster and more affordably than the competition.

Do you have a problem that isn’t related to your evaporator coil? Our technicians can handle that too! Check out our AC maintenance page to learn more.

Evaporator Coil Repair and Replacement

The evaporator coil is the workhorse of an air conditioner. The chilled refrigerant flows through it as warm and humid air passes across it. The result is cool, dry, and comfortable air that can be distributed around the house. Over time, all of the air flowing over the coil can lead to airborne chemicals condensing on the evaporator coil. This causes corrosion that can lead to tiny leaks in the coil that allow refrigerant to leak out. When this happens, repairs must be made to restore the air conditioner to proper operation. Our technicians are skilled at finding leaks and repairing them quickly and on your schedule.

On some occasions, evaporators coils may need to be replaced instead of just repaired. If the evaporator coil is beyond repair, our technicians offer expert evaporator coil installation, so your system gets back to normal as soon as possible. At Morrow Mechanical, we guarantee that our repairs will have your air conditioner operating in no time. Additionally, we guarantee that no leaks will be present after the repairs, or we’ll come and fix them.

Most often, leaks in the evaporator coil are caused by dirty coils. Annual cleanings are a great way to prevent leaks from occurring in the first place. Before leaks form, be sure to schedule one of our technicians for evaporator coil maintenance. This quick visit can prevent the need for expensive repairs while also optimizing the efficiency of your system.

Do You Need Professional Evaporator Coil Service?

If the evaporator coil is dirty or damaged, it won’t be able to do its job properly and your AC system won’t work the way it should. This can lead to uncomfortable situations for you as well as some uncomfortable high utility bills. Some of the signs of evaporator coil trouble include:

  • Loud noises coming from your AC.
  • Lukewarm air coming from your vents.
  • Uneven temperatures inside your home.
  • High humidity levels inside the house.
  • The AC is cycling on and off with no change in temperature.
  • Leaks or wet spots around the blower unit.

Instead of suffering through a loss of cooling power, call Morrow Mechanical today. Our NATE-certified technicians are simply the best in the industry and can quickly restore lost performance to your air conditioner.

Evaporator Types & Applications

There are quite a few things to consider in terms of the replacement of an evaporator coil. System installations vary quite a bit with home construction as to location and type. If your air handling system is located in your attic as most are in The Greater Houston Area it will be installed as a vertical or horizontal installation meaning that the airflow through the system is being delivered either vertically or horizontally. Evaporators are available as a dedicated horizontal design in both slab and box coil design applications. While slab coils are only suitable for horizontal installations, box coils are available for both horizontal and vertical applications. We have found that horizontal system installations with slab coils are longer lasting and have fewer repair issues over time than the other alternatives such as vertical and horizontal box coil installations.

Horizontal box coils are installed in a great number of homes in our area as they will typically require less attic space for the installation and can be installed in tighter spaces. We have found that these installations develop refrigerant leaks at a substantially faster rate than their slab coil counterpart installation. Cleaning of these coils requires complete removal and reinstallation and in most cases is cost-prohibitive. Airflow through these coils is also compromised with higher resistance to airflow or static pressure drop because of their size constraints. It is typically more work to install a slab coil vs box coil if space is limited but the benefits of longer-lasting and fewer repair problems make it well worth the extra expense.

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Vertical to Horizontal System Conversions

Vertical air conditioning system installations in attics have become common practice in our area by homebuilders. This practice is done to lower the upfront cost of the typical air conditioning installation. with no regard for the cost of premature evaporator failure and damage to electrical components in the furnace from drain leakage over time. We have seen systems that should have lasted 10-15 years with minimal problems being replaced prematurely due to large repair expenses and reliability issues. The good news is that these issues can be corrected in most cases with the professional conversion of the installation to horizontal with a slab evaporator coil. If you would like to know more call us we offer free in-home system evaluations and can schedule a time at your convenience.

Reasons to Work With Our Team

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