New Homeowner

Helpful Tips for New Homeowners to Consider


When you make the decision to purchase a new home in Spring, TX, you know you’re taking a leap of faith to a certain degree. No house comes to you in perfect condition, and there is often the thought of hidden issues that can keep you up at night as the deal nears completion.

Taking the time to look for a few specific things before you buy will greatly reduce the likelihood of problems and allow you to move into your new home with peace of mind. Here are some tips that will help.

Check Out the Insulation

Making sure that your home is properly insulated can result in a lot of savings over time. It’s no secret that it gets hot in Texas.

Plus, if your home is poorly insulated you’ll be losing cool air on a consistent basis, causing your AC system to work much harder than it needs to.

You’ll also lose warm air on those cooler winter nights, so take the time to ensure the walls and attic have all the insulation you need.

Flick the Switches

Even though it may seem trivial, trying out all of the switches around the house is a good idea before you put pen to paper.

Make a quick trip around the house and try light switches, fans, furnace, air conditioning, ovens, etc.

If you encounter any that don’t seem to be working properly, speak up and ask if they will be fixed before you move in. Sometimes, there is a problem with the wiring that goes beyond a burnt out lightbulb or blow a fuse or circuit breaker.

The Professional Home Inspection

You may be able to recognize several types of issues on the property before you move in, but nothing can take the place of a home inspection from the pros.

A home inspector will be able to get to those issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye; issues with the foundation, serious water damage problems, and wiring or plumbing catastrophes waiting to happen.

If the home is brand new, then an inspection will make sure every aspect of the construction was carried out properly, and if it’s older, then you’ll have peace of mind that any wear and tear hasn’t caused too much damage.

The inspection can be used as a great negotiating tool if there are issues that weren’t reported, and it will make you feel comfortable and confident signing the contract and moving into your new home.