How to Maintain Your Home Appliances

Imagine you just invested in a company. You pour a large amount of money into the businesses’ future, then you monitor its performance and progress, right? Your home appliances are no different.

But, after completing step one: investing in home appliances, many homeowners forget step two: monitoring and maintenance. This mistake shortens the lifespan of your appliances and will lead to expensive repairs.

The expert technicians of Morrow Mechanical have assembled this guide to maintaining your investments. Read on to find out more.

1. Clean your dryer’s filter

If you find yourself having to dry your clothes twice, and yet you are regularly removing lint from the filter, it’s time for a new tactic. Dryer sheets develop a film on your dryer’s filter, clogging it. Remove your filter and clean it with hot water and a bit of laundry detergent. This will dissolve the film and help your dryer, well, dry!

2. Check the oven seal

Overtime, using your oven causes wear and tear on its seals. When the seals are worn out, heat escapes from the oven, into the home. Not only does this lead to uneven cooking, but it also forces your HVAC unit to work harder due to increased warm air circulating in your home. Replacing the seal will prevent heat from escaping your oven.

3. Clean refrigerator coils

If your refrigerator is being sluggish, it’s probably not just the humid Houston summer. Dirty refrigerator coils make it hard for your refrigerator to cool efficiently. Remove the grille at the bottom of the fridge and use a coil cleaning brush to eliminate debris and be sure your fridge is cooling properly.

4. Avoid overloads

A good rule of thumb is to never overload your appliances. You may temporarily save money on your utility bill by cramming clothes into the dryer, but consistent overloading will shorten its life. Avoid expensive repairs and premature replacements by not overloading your washer, dryer, or dishwasher.

5. Recalibrate your oven

If your oven hasn’t been heating as quickly, as accurately, or as evenly as it used to, try recalibrating its temperature. In your oven’s manual you’ll find instructions for how to calibrate the temperature display to the actual temperature inside the oven.

6. Clean the kitchen ventilation

Range hoods perform the important job of maintaining good indoor air quality by filtering heat and odors out of the home. However, dust and debris can clog the metal filters, reducing the range hood’s efficiency. You can maximize the filters’ capacity by cleaning them with hot soapy water.

7. Clean fridge gaskets

Sticky fingers and occasional spills lead to buildup on your fridge’s gaskets. If this buildup isn’t cleaned, your family will pull harder and harder to open the fridge door, leading to a tear in the gasket. So, to avoid an expensive repair and make your gaskets last as long as your refrigerator, clean them regularly.

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