Dirty AC

Is Your Air Conditioner Hurting You?

I really don’t mean to make you and your family sick. In fact, I just want to keep your home comfortable at any cost! Unfortunately, you have neglected me and I have become dirty, dingy, and filled with dust. If you let me go for too much longer, I may not be able to continue and completely break–right in the middle of summer.

While it may be funny to think about your air conditioner telling you in the saddest voice that it needs to be cleaned, the reality is… it needs to be cleaned. By not taking care of your AC system, you are basically not taking care of yourself. Dirty air can make for sick lungs and we’re going to explain how. We’ll also tell you what you can do to avoid this problem altogether.

Respiratory Tract Infections

One of the most common things people go to the doctor for is upper respiratory infections. These are typically marked by chronic and painful coughs, that won’t go away within a couple weeks or lighten up with over-the-counter medicine.

You will sneeze a lot, and generally feeling horrible. These infections can also be bronchitis and potentially lead to pneumonia.

Often, these infections are caused by dirty air ducts or air filters that haven’t been changed in a very long time. What happens is that as dirt builds up in the ducts, moisture is trapped. Moisture allows for mold spores and bacteria to grow, which are then spread through your home by the AC system.

Allergic to Your Home?

You’re probably not actually allergic to your home, but it may feel like it if you are constantly sick and itchy from dirty air.

People often develop allergies when the pollen count is high or when certain bugs are in the area.

They can also develop allergies to certain bacteria and mold spores. Even with non-toxic mold, the spores can still be an irritant to the lungs, eyes, and skin.

Asthma Problems

Many kids seem to have asthma problems but it is typically controlled with medication. If it’s not, or if you have suddenly developed asthma symptoms, talk to a doctor.

After you talk to your doctor, consider having your air ducts cleaned and air filters changed.

Asthma is a simple condition that involves spasms of the bronchi of the lungs. This makes breathing difficult and is exacerbated by poor indoor air quality.

Fixing The Problem

This might seem like an overly simple solution, but to fix these problems and many others, you need to change your air filter. In addition, you should consider air duct cleaning to rid your vents of all the contaminants.

After cleaning, you should start to notice lots of improvement to your health and to the overall cleanliness of your home. Morrow Mechanical is just the company for the job!

We are professionals that can work with your schedule and ensure you are breathing well once again! Call us today for an appointment!