Get Chills From a Scary Movie and Not a Broken Heater

Know the Signs That Call for Heater Repair 

Halloween is about fun scares. It’s not about shivering under a blanket because the heater stopped working. Unlike things that go bump in the night, however, there are generally signs that a heater needs service before it stops working altogether. Some signs that it’s time to consult an HVAC contractor for heating repair include: 

The Home Never Gets to the Right Temperature 

When the heater is on but not producing enough warm air or temperatures are inconsistent, it signals a problem with the heating system. There are many reasons why a heater may suddenly stop generating enough warm air, including: 

  • The thermostat isn’t working: When the home’s thermostat isn’t working due to a faulty sensor or another issue, it can have trouble reading the correct temperatures and send the wrong signals to the heating system.  
  • A component is broken: Heating systems rely on many different parts working together to warm a home, but when one isn’t working, it can create problems for the entire system. 
  • The system is dirty: Even heaters can accumulate dust and debris, affecting how well they function. If heating maintenance is neglected and filters aren’t replaced, it can affect airflow and how the system distributes warm air. 

Strange Noises Come From the Heater 

sounds A well-functioning heater shouldn’t make any unusual noises. It can make some noise when it powers on and off, but an out-of-the-ordinary sound indicates trouble. Here are a few heater sounds and what they could mean: 

  • Rattling: This could mean a loose component inside the heater needs tightening or replacing. 
  • Squealing or screeching: The heater may need the fan belt replaced. 
  • Hissing or whistling: Many homes rely on ductwork to channel warm air from the unit to different parts of the house. A punctured air duct or another issue could make this sound. 

If a homeowner hears any strange sounds, they should contact a professional who can determine the problem with a heater and how to best fix it. 

The Energy Bill Unexpectedly Increases 

electric billMost homeowners should have a general idea of how much they spend on their utility bills. If they notice a spike in their heating costs, it could signal many problems with a heater. This inefficiency could be due to many issues, such as a broken or malfunctioning component in the system. 

Higher energy bills can also occur due to the heater’s age, neglected heating maintenance, or dirty air filters that need replacing. Homeowners don’t have to suffer from higher operating costs. Once a professional determines and fixes the problem, the system’s energy efficiency should improve, and bills should go down again.  

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Morrow Mechanical has more than 20 years of expertise serving Spring and the surrounding areas. They offer same-day service, after-hours service, and honest, upfront pricing. Call them today for heater repair in Spring, TX.

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Understanding What Air Filters Are All About

A Brief Introduction to the Air Filter

Our homes should be at the top of the list of places where we feel safest and most comfortable. This means creating a home environment where residents can live and breathe stress-free. One of the ways this is achieved is by creating good indoor air quality, and one essential way to improve indoor air quality is by routinely replacing air filters.

Understanding How an AC Filter Works

In the process of heating or cooling air, HVAC systems also have to ensure that the air quality is as close to exceptional as possible. Otherwise, a home’s occupants may have compromised health and comfort if the air is unclean and rife with impurities that could trigger allergic reactions, asthma attacks, or other respiratory issues. 

This is where AC filters come into play. They are assigned the critical task of removing contaminants and allergens from the air passed through it so they don’t negatively affect the heating and cooling system. As the air passes through its screen, particles of varying sizes are trapped and prevented from continuing. These particles include dirt, dust, pet dander, and allergens that are usually the culprits behind poor indoor air quality.

When Is Air Filter Replacement Needed?

filterAir filters, however, aren’t meant to last forever. After a certain point, usually three months or less, air filters trap enough contaminants to become so dirty they no longer function well. At this point, removing the dirty air filter and replacing it with a fresh one or cleaning reusable ones is necessary. This ensures that pollutants can still be effectively removed from the air to keep indoor air clean and contaminant-free and protect the HVAC system. 

Replacing a dirty AC filter is also essential in ensuring the HVAC system remains energy efficient. Often, a filter left in the system for a long time without timely replacement can have a thick enough layer of dirt and dust on it, making it difficult for the system to pass air through it, creating more work and causing greater strain on the HVAC system. This often translates to more significant wear and tear on the system and higher energy costs.

AC Filter Replacement Benefits

saveWhen it comes to HVAC maintenance, timely air filter replacement is crucial in creating optimum conditions for it to operate. Not only do on-time filter replacements create a safer, healthier, and more comfortable breathing atmosphere indoors, but they also ease the strain of frequent use on an HVAC system. 

A clean air filter, after all, allows the HVAC unit to operate with better energy efficiency, extend the system's lifespan, and create savings in energy costs for the homeowner. They also allow for better health and reduced asthma and allergy symptoms indoors for household residents. 

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Morrow Mechanical has more than two decades of experience serving Spring and the surrounding areas. They offer upfront pricing, same-day service, and always on-time service. Call them today for AC filter replacements in Spring, TX

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FAQs About the Home's Air Ducts

What Is Ductwork? What Does It Do? 

Ductwork refers to a series of insulated passageways that regulate airflow from the air conditioning unit. They’re the pathways that conditioned air takes to get distributed throughout the house. Air ducts are essential to central air systems, and there comes a time when homeowners might need to call professionals to clean, replace, or repair them. This post will answer some common questions homeowners may have about their ductwork.  

How Long Does Ductwork Last? 

replacementMost air ducts can last 15 years. However, when they become that old, they can start to deteriorate and become damaged, at which point it can be cost-effective to replace them to improve the HVAC system’s efficiency. Factors that can affect the lifespan of ductwork include: 

  • The duct materials: Aluminum and galvanized steel can last decades with little damage. 
  • Environmental factors: High humidity, extreme temperatures, and the condition of the home itself can take years off the ductwork’s longevity
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance: While homeowners rarely have to clean their air ducts, cleaning and maintaining them as needed can add to their lifespan. 
  • Usage patterns: A home that uses the AC system constantly may put more wear and tear on the system and ductwork than a home that doesn’t use it as often. 

What Are Signs Air Duct Repair Is Needed? 

Some of the signs the ductwork needs repair include the following:

  • Energy bills are higher than usual
  • The smell of mold or mildew
  • Unusual sounds from the air ducts
  • Dusty and dirty air vents
  • Poor airflow
  • Inconsistency in the temperatures of different rooms

If any of these signs are noticed, it is important to have the air ducts inspected and repaired by a professional. Ignoring these problems can lead to adverse health symptoms and inefficiency with the HVAC system, causing higher heating and cooling costs.

When Should Homeowners Get Air Duct Cleaning? 

dirtyDirty air ducts can negatively affect a home and the health of those inside. However, cleaning the air ducts when needed can help reduce allergens and improve the health of residents. Duct cleaning may be needed if: 

  • There’s recently been a home remodeling project
  • The home’s vents are dirty or dusty
  • The house is dustier than usual
  • Mold is growing on or near vents
  • Allergy symptoms worsen
  • There’s a pest infestation 
  • The home smells musty
  • Energy bills are higher than usual

About Morrow Mechanical 

Morrow Mechanical has over 20 years of experience serving Spring and the surrounding areas. They offer same-day service, extended hours, and always on-time service. Call them today for ductwork services in Spring, TX.

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No One Home? Keep the Cooling Efficient With These Energy-Saving Tips

How to Save On Cooling Costs When the House Is Empty This Summer

Whether out of the house for an entire workday or just a few hours for errands, leaving the house empty doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be an energy-wasting black hole. These "empty house" hours can add up and significantly impact cooling costs. This blog is designed to enlighten homeowners about practical, cost-effective strategies to help save on energy bills while away from home without compromising the comfort of returning to a cool and air-conditioned home. 

78 Degrees Is a Sweet Spot

Thermostat Homeowners who are unsure of the right temperature to set their thermostats at while away for a few hours will be happy to know that a good number to help conserve energy while keeping homes at a comfortable temperature even when empty during the summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. 

While that may seem like a pretty high temperature on paper, it’s a suitable temperature to maintain home comfort for when people soon return while keeping energy bills in check and ensuring that the air conditioner isn’t operating more than necessary. It also helps avoid making large fluctuations in temperature that can be costly and damaging. 

Avoid Big Temperature Fluctuations

When leaving a house empty for a bit, especially during the hot summer, it is always wise to keep temperatures relatively steady, avoiding large fluctuations, such as turning up the thermostat too high for a few hours while away to save money. It can actually have the opposite effect.

A significant temperature fluctuation like this could adversely affect not just a home’s energy consumption (and ultimately, the electricity bill) but also create unnecessary wear and tear or damage to the air conditioner. This is because the AC unit will have to work harder to compensate for the large difference in desired temperature, using a lot of energy and putting wear on the system. 

Smart Thermostats Are a Game Changer

thermostat One effective solution to improve the energy-saving capabilities of an air conditioning system and save on cooling costs is to swap out an old thermostat for a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are an excellent tool for keeping temperatures steady while making automatic adjustments to save on energy bills. Smart thermostats are also incredibly customizable, giving homeowners more flexibility in controlling the temperature at home.

Another fantastic feature of smart thermostats is that most of them can be connected to an app on a smartphone. These apps allow homeowners to keep track of their home’s energy usage through historical data collected by the smart thermostat. The app is also particularly useful for homeowners who are away for extended periods because it allows them to remotely control their home’s thermostat to save energy. These sophisticated applications allow homeowners to set, change and track their home’s HVAC operations and energy usage from anywhere and keep their energy bills in check.

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Morrow Mechanical has over two decades of experience serving Spring, TX, and the surrounding communities. They provide same-day service, extended hours, and upfront pricing. Call them today for smart home thermostat installation in Spring, TX.

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Three Signs Foreshadowing an AC Replacement

How Homeowners Can Tell Their Air Conditioner May Be On Its Last Legs

Summertime has arrived, and with it comes the heat, especially in Texas. This is not the time to be dealing with faulty air conditioners. Summer without working air conditioning is dangerous in this part of the country. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are significant hazards. So now is the time to ensure that a home’s AC is working correctly so a homeowner can replace their air conditioner before the hottest part of the summer if needed. This article details indicators that a home needs air conditioning replacement.

Sign #1: Odors and Sounds

smell The air coming from the AC should smell fresh and clean. Likewise, a few relatively quiet sounds are typical for an air conditioning unit, but other sounds may require investigation from a professional. Some examples of unusual smells and sounds pointing to AC issues are included below.

  • Musty Smells: This can be a sign of mold or mildew. While this can usually be cleaned, it may indicate a larger problem with the unit not draining as it should, or there is a problem with the coils.
  • Burning Smells: Any burning or melting plastic smell is a serious issue. This can indicate an electrical problem that needs to be addressed right away.
  • Popping Sounds: This can be a problem with the heat exchanger or the coils.
  • Scratching Sounds: This can signify pests in the ducts or components that have come loose. 
  • Whistling sounds: This sound may be from an air leak.

While some of the issues that cause strange sounds and smells may not require a complete replacement, they do signal the need for an inspection where an HVAC contractor can determine whether a repair or replacement is needed.  

Sign #2: Loss of Energy Efficiency

bill As summer heats up, homeowners may notice a spike in their energy bills. While some of this increase can be attributed to running the air conditioning more frequently, it's essential to pay attention to energy bills that are higher than usual. Sometimes, a sudden surge in energy usage can signal the need for an AC replacement. 

Air conditioners can become less energy-efficient with age or if issues occur in the system, causing them to work harder and use more energy to cool the home. If homeowners are paying much more for cooling than in the past, it's worth having a professional inspect the AC unit to determine the cause of lost efficiency and see if replacement is necessary.

Sign #3: Airflow Problems

Air conditioning is a must-have for keeping homes comfortable during the hot summer months. However, if homeowners notice little air coming out of the vents or the air coming out isn't cool, it may be time to replace the AC unit. Weak airflow and uneven cooling can indicate various issues, from clogged filters to malfunctioning compressors. 

Whatever the cause, if a homeowner notices a distinct difference in airflow, it needs to be addressed by an HVAC professional who can recommend the best solution. Investing in a new, energy-efficient model can provide relief from the heat and save money on energy bills in the long run. Don't suffer through another hot summer with an old and inefficient AC unit; upgrade to a new one to enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home.

About Morrow Mechanical

Morrow Mechanical has over two decades of experience serving Spring, TX, and the surrounding areas. They provide honest pricing, same-day service, and financing. Call them today for air conditioning replacement and installation services in Spring, TX.