How to Get Tax Credits and Rebates on a New HVAC System

The Inflation Reduction Act Incentivizes Energy-Efficient Upgrades

For homeowners thinking about getting a new air conditioning system, heater, or heat pump this year, the Inflation Reduction Act was updated with new incentives for homeowners to invest in new energy-efficient upgrade installations in 2023. The government wants to encourage homeowners to invest in an energy-efficient future by providing financial incentives for making sustainable upgrade choices at home. Homeowners can get tax credits and rebates for switching their old HVAC system to a new eco-friendly model. 

The government could offer homeowners thousands of dollars for installing a new HVAC system. There are so many benefits to getting a new heating and cooling system, and there is no better time than now for homeowners to take advantage of these government incentives. Homeowners can also save on their monthly energy bills for years after upgrading to a new and more efficient HVAC system or heat pump. 

How the Inflation Reduction Act Impacts HVAC Systems

inflation According to the new Inflation Reduction Act, energy-efficient air conditioners, heaters, and heat pumps may be eligible for tax credits and rebates if they meet certain energy efficiency requirements and are installed after January 1, 2023. Upgrading to a new system significantly reduces the home’s environmental impact. 

The Inflation Reduction Act is designed to reduce energy bills for homeowners and businesses by incentivizing them to replace old and outdated HVAC equipment. The tax credits, rebates, and lower utility bills help families and businesses have more money to invest in the economy. This act allows homeowners to get eco-friendly HVAC upgrades that they may not otherwise be able to afford. 

More About the Incentives 

The new HVAC equipment needs to meet specific standards and certifications to qualify for the incentives. ENERGY STAR-certified equipment and Consortium for Energy Efficiency equipment are included in the list of eligible installations. Starting in January 2023, homeowners can get a 30% tax credit on the total installation costs for a certified energy-efficient heating and cooling system. This means up to a $600 tax credit toward a new air conditioner or electric furnace. Homeowners can also receive up to $2,000 towards a new heat pump. 

The High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program is an income-based incentive program included in the Inflation Reduction Act. It is an initiative that provides financial assistance to homeowners who wish to upgrade their homes with energy-efficient appliances like HVAC systems and heat pumps. With this program, homeowners can receive up to thousands of dollars in incentives applying to installations starting in 2023. 

Benefits of a New Eco-Friendly HVAC System save

The benefits of installing a new, energy-efficient HVAC system or heat pump include the following:

  • Reduce carbon emissions 
  • Better efficiency 
  • Lower energy bills 
  • Safer operation 
  • Fewer repairs 
  • Quieter performance 
  • Cleaner indoor air quality 

There are many benefits to installing a new heating or cooling system. Old heating and cooling systems can have problems like noisy performance, lost efficiency, or frequent repairs. A new HVAC system will solve those issues and add value to the home for years to come. Homeowners will not only save money on a new system through tax credits and rebates, but they will also save money on monthly utility bills because of the unit’s energy efficiency. 

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This Year's Best High-Tech Holiday Gift!

Give a New Smart Thermostat as a Gift

There is no better time to get a gift for a friend or loved one than during the holiday season. While there are many gift ideas to consider, this one should be memorable. A smart thermostat is an ideal gift for a homeowner, as smart home technology has grown in popularity in recent years. This device automatically adjusts the temperature of indoor spaces to reduce energy usage and save homeowners money. Wi-Fi connectivity is also used by smart thermostats, allowing the user to control various settings remotely from a phone or laptop. 

When to Replace a Thermostat

thermostat Thermostats have a lifespan of around ten years and, after that, will need a replacement. The following symptoms indicate a new thermostat will probably be needed sooner rather than later:

  • Incorrect Temperature Readings: One of the most obvious signs that a thermostat needs to be replaced is inaccurate temperature readings. Sometimes the indoor temperature reading is far from what it feels like. Homeowners can check this using a thermometer and comparing readings.
  • The Display is Not Working: Another common sign is that the display screen is broken. When the display screen goes completely black, it could indicate that the thermostat needs to be replaced.
  • The Air Conditioner Runs for Too Long or Short a Cycle: If the HVAC system turns off too quickly during a cycle or stays running for too long, the thermostat may be faulty.

The Advantages of Smart Thermostats

save While there are numerous benefits of a smart thermostat, the following are some of the most significant advantages:

  • Efficient Energy Use and Cost Savings: Everyone wants to save money, and one of the most costly expenses is heating homes in the winter and cooling them in the summer. Smart thermostats can save homeowners money year after year by automatically adjusting the temperature to meet the needs of the home while keeping everyone comfortable.
  • Easier Programming: Thermostats that require programming to determine when and at what temperature they should operate cause frustration. While many thermostats are easy to program, they can still be confusing, and human error is always possible. Smart thermostats eliminate the need for complicated programming. 

There Are So Many Features!

With the growing popularity of smart home devices, consumers are looking for smart thermostats to ensure energy efficiency in the home during the summer and winter. They provide key energy-saving features that can help homeowners justify installing one.

Wi-Fi connectivity is one of a smart thermostat's most basic yet important features. A Wi-Fi thermostat connects to the customer's home network and the internet, allowing it to be remotely controlled from anywhere using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet via a mobile app. Certain models also allow for control via a web browser.

Many Wi-Fi thermostats also learn the heating and cooling habits of homeowners. These models detect patterns based on how temperatures change over time. The thermostat learns what temperatures the user prefers and how to most efficiently heat or cool the user's home based on environmental conditions and times of day when they’re out of the house. It then makes these changes automatically to save energy and money.

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3 Reasons to Give Thanks to HVAC Technicians

Heating and Cooling Companies Provide Valuable Services

This Thanksgiving, we want to thank HVAC contractors for all the valuable services they provide their communities. Heating and cooling services keep families warm and comfortable during the holiday season and protect families from extreme temperatures. 

There are many reasons to be thankful for HVAC contractors. Anyone who experiences sudden heat loss in the middle of winter will understand how valuable it is to have an HVAC technician available to repair it. It is easy to take modern luxuries such as air conditioning and heating for granted, so this year let us give thanks for the comfort and safety that HVAC companies provide. 

Keeping Families Warm This Winter

winter Exposure to cold temperatures is one of the leading causes of illness. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to the cold. Keeping the home warm during the winter protects the health of loved ones and provides a comfortable environment. 

Working on heating systems can be dangerous without the proper training due to the high temperatures within the system. Professional HVAC technicians are trained to repair, install, and maintain heating systems safely. Homeowners can be thankful that HVAC technicians undergo extensive training to provide this valuable service. 

Sometimes heating systems break down during the winter because of the strain of heating the home during dropping temperatures. When the heating system breaks down on a cold winter night, homeowners will be grateful to have a trusted heating company just a phone call away. Heater repair is an essential service that HVAC contractors provide for their communities. 

Air Conditioner Repair When You Need It 

summer During the hot summer months, people rely on air conditioning systems to keep the home at a safe and moderate temperature. Heat stroke is a health risk during the summer that impacts children and the elderly the most. Homeowners may be at risk for heat stroke without a functional air conditioning system. 

Air conditioner repair is complicated and requires a lot of training to complete safely. The inside of an air conditioner is full of wires, metal parts, and connections that homeowners will not know how to navigate. HVAC contractors study in the classroom and practice in the field as apprentices to learn how to install, repair, and maintain air conditioners. 

Improper air conditioner repair can lead to an accidental housefire. The fan, motor, wires, and other electrical parts inside the air conditioner could spark and catch fire if left in a state of disrepair. Air conditioner services from a qualified professional ensure the home is safe and comfortable year-round. 

Fight Indoor Air Pollution

The air that we breathe has a significant impact on our overall health. Improving the air that gets inhaled by improving indoor air quality is a great way to improve health and fight allergy symptoms. People with allergies, asthma, and sensitive respiratory systems will be especially thankful for improved indoor air quality (IAQ). 

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Ventilation is especially important for indoor air quality. Dust, animal dander, pollen, bacteria, and germs are just a few examples of the kind of airborne pollutants that could be present in the air. Mold and mildew can also be inhaled, leading to various adverse health effects. 

One of the valuable services that HVAC technicians provide is fighting indoor air pollution. The HVAC system removes some pollutants as the air ventilates through the air filter. HVAC companies can also offer additional solutions for improving IAQ, such as installing an air purifier or air scrubber. Homeowners interested in improving their indoor air quality should consult an experienced local expert. 

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Spooky Things That Can Go Wrong With Your HVAC System This Halloween

Beware of These Problems 

It’s Halloween, and everyone is on their guard against spooks and tricks. While most of the scaring done during the season is all in good fun, there are a few things that homeowners should be wary of around the house that could cause a real scare. 

Coinciding with the festivities is a change in the weather that can bring about a few issues. People will start cycling on the heater to stave off the chills as outdoor temperatures drop. However, furnaces and heating and cooling systems can be dangerous, so homeowners should be aware of the signs of danger so they can enjoy their Halloween safely. 

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

detectors Carbon monoxide is a silent threat that can lurk in any home with gas appliances and is a danger associated with a broken furnace. This poisonous gas is tasteless, colorless, and odorless and is the byproduct of the combustion of natural gas, propane, or wood fires. The only way to safely detect carbon monoxide leaks early is with carbon monoxide detectors that are recommended to be hung near flame-producing appliances. 

Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause chronic and acute symptoms, so it’s important to catch carbon monoxide leaks early. Signs of exposure are:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart problems 

Smelly Mold Growth 

mold Old homes are synonymous with musty odors, but bad odors can also plague new homes. Most often, musty smells are attributable to moisture problems in the house and are a sign of mold. In old homes, this can be the product of poor insulation that allows humid air inside. In newer homes, high moisture is likely due to a well-sealed home with a heating and cooling system that isn’t properly regulating humidity. 

Heating and cooling systems have moisture inside the unit that can travel into the air ducts, and when humidity is allowed to run rampant in old or new homes, this spurs mold growth. Despite the cleanliness of the air in a home, mold can grow and cause musty odors if moisture is high. If musty odors are present in a home, the first place to look is the furnace and AC. 

Often the cause of humidity problems in a home is simply a lack of maintenance. In some cases, air duct cleaning or coil cleaning will be better options for removing mold that has grown in the ductwork. If homeowners suspect mold, they should call a professional immediately to prevent the negative health effects of mold.

Dangerous Overheating Furnaces 

One sign of an overheating furnace is also noticed by the nose. Often overheating furnaces give off a strong burning smell and a humming noise. An overheating furnace is extremely dangerous because it can lead to furnace fires. 

A furnace overheating can be due to neglected maintenance. Furnace maintenance includes cleaning the burner area and changing air filters on time. This is necessary because when the air filter is dirty, dust can settle near the burner and slowly burn when the furnace starts up. Furnace maintenance removes this dust and allows technicians to check safety devices to ensure that the furnace won’t overheat upon start-up. 

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What Are the Signs it's Time to Replace the Thermostat?

Signs a New Thermostat is Needed

The thermostat is the most recognizable part of the heating and air conditioning system. All it takes is one hot day to learn how to operate the thermostat in an attempt to get comfortable. In theory, thermostats will only need to be adjusted once or twice daily and will last a long time. Due to this, it can be hard to tell when the thermostat is having problems. 

The thermostat has total control over the air conditioner, so when problems arise with it, the effects can be far-reaching. Learning the signs of a faulty thermostat is important to keeping the home comfortable and cooling bills low. Here is a quick guide for the signs that a thermostat is failing to help keep homeowners comfortable and avoid additional problems. 

Higher Energy Bills for No Reason 

bill The air conditioner is the single biggest energy user in every home. Nearly 30% of electric bills can be attributed to cooling costs alone, especially in hot areas. Tracking electricity usage can reveal important information to homeowners. A spike in energy bills or higher bills than last year can signify a faulty thermostat

A faulty thermostat leads to higher energy bills by causing the air conditioner to work harder to maintain comfort. This extra work requires extra energy that will show up on monthly energy bills. Often, installing a new thermostat will pay for itself in energy savings if it’s the culprit of long run times and higher AC bills. 

Reading the Incorrect Temperature 

readings Thermostats are like digital thermometers. The information they get from being a thermometer they use to tell the air conditioner to cycle on and off to maintain a small temperature variation in the home. Over time, thermometers can lose their calibration and start to read slightly or largely incorrect temperatures. When a thermostat can’t read the right temperature, it is useless and needs to be replaced. 

New thermostats can more accurately control temperatures because they are more reliable thermometers. Installing a new thermostat can completely fix comfort and humidity issues in many homes. To check if the thermostat is reading incorrect temperatures, put a thermometer near the thermostat and check if they read the same temperature. 

The System is Short Cycling 

Short cycling is a process where machinery, in this case, the air conditioner, runs for a short period and then turns off, only to run again soon after. For air conditioners, this causes a lot of unnecessary starting and stopping. Starting and stopping the air conditioner is when the highest chance for damage to the system occurs. The damage can be severe and irreversible if allowed to continue for a long period. 

Short cycling is often caused by faulty thermostats that are overdue for replacement. The thermostat is to blame because it incorrectly measures the temperatures at which the air conditioner starts and stops. New, smart thermostats are more accurate and less susceptible to conditions that cause thermostats to read inaccurately. They also more tightly control the range at which the air conditioner cycles, leading to a longer-lasting air conditioner and more comfortable home. 

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