Get Chills From a Scary Movie and Not a Broken Heater

Know the Signs That Call for Heater Repair 

Halloween is about fun scares. It’s not about shivering under a blanket because the heater stopped working. Unlike things that go bump in the night, however, there are generally signs that a heater needs service before it stops working altogether. Some signs that it’s time to consult an HVAC contractor for heating repair include: 

The Home Never Gets to the Right Temperature 

When the heater is on but not producing enough warm air or temperatures are inconsistent, it signals a problem with the heating system. There are many reasons why a heater may suddenly stop generating enough warm air, including: 

  • The thermostat isn’t working: When the home’s thermostat isn’t working due to a faulty sensor or another issue, it can have trouble reading the correct temperatures and send the wrong signals to the heating system.  
  • A component is broken: Heating systems rely on many different parts working together to warm a home, but when one isn’t working, it can create problems for the entire system. 
  • The system is dirty: Even heaters can accumulate dust and debris, affecting how well they function. If heating maintenance is neglected and filters aren’t replaced, it can affect airflow and how the system distributes warm air. 

Strange Noises Come From the Heater 

sounds A well-functioning heater shouldn’t make any unusual noises. It can make some noise when it powers on and off, but an out-of-the-ordinary sound indicates trouble. Here are a few heater sounds and what they could mean: 

  • Rattling: This could mean a loose component inside the heater needs tightening or replacing. 
  • Squealing or screeching: The heater may need the fan belt replaced. 
  • Hissing or whistling: Many homes rely on ductwork to channel warm air from the unit to different parts of the house. A punctured air duct or another issue could make this sound. 

If a homeowner hears any strange sounds, they should contact a professional who can determine the problem with a heater and how to best fix it. 

The Energy Bill Unexpectedly Increases 

electric billMost homeowners should have a general idea of how much they spend on their utility bills. If they notice a spike in their heating costs, it could signal many problems with a heater. This inefficiency could be due to many issues, such as a broken or malfunctioning component in the system. 

Higher energy bills can also occur due to the heater’s age, neglected heating maintenance, or dirty air filters that need replacing. Homeowners don’t have to suffer from higher operating costs. Once a professional determines and fixes the problem, the system’s energy efficiency should improve, and bills should go down again.  

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