Make Sure the Home is Comfortable and Prevent Heat Loss

Stay Warm and Prevent Heat Loss for a Romantic Night In

With Valentine's Day this month, homeowners planning to stay home instead of heading out on the town must set the right mood. This means they should ensure their home is at the right temperature for a romantic and cozy night. 

Cold air in the home does not set the mood for romance, so homeowners must optimize their home's heating and prevent heat loss to make the night memorable and comfortable. Here are ways to optimize a home's heating system and avoid heat loss from local heating experts who want everyone to feel the love on Valentine’s Day. 

Locate and Repair the Sources of Drafts 

stripping Drafts are detrimental to the home during cold nights. They let heat escape through cracks, making the home chilly and the heater work harder to keep the house comfortable. This is why drafts are a common source of increased energy bills. Homeowners experiencing cold spots or high energy bills should look around for drafts. The source of most drafts is the cracks around windows and doors. Heat can easily escape around the bottom of the door and the framing around loose-fitting windows. 

Sealing up drafts is easy. Using weatherstripping, people can quickly seal the cracks around doors and windows. Remember that homeowners must choose suitable weatherstripping for drafty places to get the right results. Caulking and insulation are also effective methods for sealing drafts. Both are cheap and easy ways to keep the home comfortable and save big on energy bills. 

Installing Energy Star Certified Windows 

window Homeowners can also decrease heat loss by installing Energy Star-certified windows for a long-term solution. While some homeowners buy heavy and dark curtains for the windows to block heat during summer and cold air from the outside in the winter, investing in Energy Star-certified windows is the best way to ensure heated or cooled air stays inside and the house is always comfortable.

Energy Star-certified windows have been tested and certified as more energy-efficient than traditional windows. Therefore, installing these windows can insulate a home better, reduce utility costs, and keep the home at a comfortable temperature for a romantic night. In addition, an insulated window will trap the heat inside during the cooler months, keep it out in the summer months and help decrease the allergens and dust that get into the home.

Always Hire a Reputable Contractor 

Having a professional perform regular maintenance on the heater can help homeowners ensure they have the right temperature in the home to stay cozy this Valentine's Day and every day. Just like servicing the car for improved performance, maintenance is necessary to keep the HVAC system healthy and running efficiently. 

Therefore, homeowners should hire an expert to maintain the HVAC system at least twice per year, once for the heater and once for the AC. During maintenance, they will ensure the unit works correctly and efficiently, and they can catch issues like heat loss from a leaking air duct before they worsen. 

Homeowners looking to hire an experienced contractor for HVAC system maintenance should check for proper licensing, insurance, and good reviews. This will help ensure the unit is in good hands and that the contractor and homeowners are protected in case of any issues. 

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