What Are the Signs it's Time to Replace the Thermostat?

Signs a New Thermostat is Needed

The thermostat is the most recognizable part of the heating and air conditioning system. All it takes is one hot day to learn how to operate the thermostat in an attempt to get comfortable. In theory, thermostats will only need to be adjusted once or twice daily and will last a long time. Due to this, it can be hard to tell when the thermostat is having problems. 

The thermostat has total control over the air conditioner, so when problems arise with it, the effects can be far-reaching. Learning the signs of a faulty thermostat is important to keeping the home comfortable and cooling bills low. Here is a quick guide for the signs that a thermostat is failing to help keep homeowners comfortable and avoid additional problems. 

Higher Energy Bills for No Reason 

bill The air conditioner is the single biggest energy user in every home. Nearly 30% of electric bills can be attributed to cooling costs alone, especially in hot areas. Tracking electricity usage can reveal important information to homeowners. A spike in energy bills or higher bills than last year can signify a faulty thermostat

A faulty thermostat leads to higher energy bills by causing the air conditioner to work harder to maintain comfort. This extra work requires extra energy that will show up on monthly energy bills. Often, installing a new thermostat will pay for itself in energy savings if it’s the culprit of long run times and higher AC bills. 

Reading the Incorrect Temperature 

readings Thermostats are like digital thermometers. The information they get from being a thermometer they use to tell the air conditioner to cycle on and off to maintain a small temperature variation in the home. Over time, thermometers can lose their calibration and start to read slightly or largely incorrect temperatures. When a thermostat can’t read the right temperature, it is useless and needs to be replaced. 

New thermostats can more accurately control temperatures because they are more reliable thermometers. Installing a new thermostat can completely fix comfort and humidity issues in many homes. To check if the thermostat is reading incorrect temperatures, put a thermometer near the thermostat and check if they read the same temperature. 

The System is Short Cycling 

Short cycling is a process where machinery, in this case, the air conditioner, runs for a short period and then turns off, only to run again soon after. For air conditioners, this causes a lot of unnecessary starting and stopping. Starting and stopping the air conditioner is when the highest chance for damage to the system occurs. The damage can be severe and irreversible if allowed to continue for a long period. 

Short cycling is often caused by faulty thermostats that are overdue for replacement. The thermostat is to blame because it incorrectly measures the temperatures at which the air conditioner starts and stops. New, smart thermostats are more accurate and less susceptible to conditions that cause thermostats to read inaccurately. They also more tightly control the range at which the air conditioner cycles, leading to a longer-lasting air conditioner and more comfortable home. 

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