Tools of the Trade: HVAC Technicians

Standard Tools Used by an HVAC Contractor

There are many tools that a local HVAC technician may use to fix a problem because it is much easier and safer to complete a task related to an HVAC system with tools. This way, no one's hands accidentally touch acidic materials and liquids.

HVAC systems are complicated and should only be handled by an experienced technician. They are professionals with years of experience, certifications, licensing, and insurance. Please keep reading to learn about their tools, including hand tools, safety equipment, and specialized tools.

Hand Tools

screwdrivers Flashlights are a must when technicians work with HVAC systems because these systems can be anywhere in a home. Cooling and heating technicians often have to crawl and go into small, dark spaces to look for the problem.

For example, sometimes the HVAC systems and equipment are on the roof or in the attic in states like Florida. A flashlight can show a professional heating technician the problem when this is the case. It can also help keep them safe, so they don’t accidentally step on sharp objects or harm themselves.

Screwdrivers are also valuable tools that service technicians can use to take apart systems to figure out what is happening. Most of the essential parts of the HVAC system are within the equipment, and each type uses unique screws.


Safety Equipment

What about safety? HVAC technicians need to be safe during their job. It is vital to protect areas like the eyes, face, and hands with goggles, masks, and gloves. 

If allergens, toxins, chemicals, or other irritants come into contact with a technician's hands, they should immediately replace the old set of gloves with new ones. This ensures that they don’t touch their face with the mixture. Irritants can cause severe reactions and even blindness, depending on what it is. Masks and goggles also provide additional protection, so debris does not cloud a technician's eyes or get into their lungs.

Specialized Tools

A lot can go wrong with HVAC systems, so finding a contractor who knows how to do the job well. These contractors and service technicians use specialized tools such as leak detectors to see the problems before coming up with the appropriate solutions.

The leak detector tool is a computerized device that can detect if there is refrigerant in areas that there shouldn’t be. These leaks can cause severe issues to the system and people if they contact it.

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