How to Get Tax Credits and Rebates on a New HVAC System

The Inflation Reduction Act Incentivizes Energy-Efficient Upgrades

For homeowners thinking about getting a new air conditioning system, heater, or heat pump this year, the Inflation Reduction Act was updated with new incentives for homeowners to invest in new energy-efficient upgrade installations in 2023. The government wants to encourage homeowners to invest in an energy-efficient future by providing financial incentives for making sustainable upgrade choices at home. Homeowners can get tax credits and rebates for switching their old HVAC system to a new eco-friendly model. 

The government could offer homeowners thousands of dollars for installing a new HVAC system. There are so many benefits to getting a new heating and cooling system, and there is no better time than now for homeowners to take advantage of these government incentives. Homeowners can also save on their monthly energy bills for years after upgrading to a new and more efficient HVAC system or heat pump. 

How the Inflation Reduction Act Impacts HVAC Systems

inflation According to the new Inflation Reduction Act, energy-efficient air conditioners, heaters, and heat pumps may be eligible for tax credits and rebates if they meet certain energy efficiency requirements and are installed after January 1, 2023. Upgrading to a new system significantly reduces the home’s environmental impact. 

The Inflation Reduction Act is designed to reduce energy bills for homeowners and businesses by incentivizing them to replace old and outdated HVAC equipment. The tax credits, rebates, and lower utility bills help families and businesses have more money to invest in the economy. This act allows homeowners to get eco-friendly HVAC upgrades that they may not otherwise be able to afford. 

More About the Incentives 

The new HVAC equipment needs to meet specific standards and certifications to qualify for the incentives. ENERGY STAR-certified equipment and Consortium for Energy Efficiency equipment are included in the list of eligible installations. Starting in January 2023, homeowners can get a 30% tax credit on the total installation costs for a certified energy-efficient heating and cooling system. This means up to a $600 tax credit toward a new air conditioner or electric furnace. Homeowners can also receive up to $2,000 towards a new heat pump. 

The High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program is an income-based incentive program included in the Inflation Reduction Act. It is an initiative that provides financial assistance to homeowners who wish to upgrade their homes with energy-efficient appliances like HVAC systems and heat pumps. With this program, homeowners can receive up to thousands of dollars in incentives applying to installations starting in 2023. 

Benefits of a New Eco-Friendly HVAC System save

The benefits of installing a new, energy-efficient HVAC system or heat pump include the following:

  • Reduce carbon emissions 
  • Better efficiency 
  • Lower energy bills 
  • Safer operation 
  • Fewer repairs 
  • Quieter performance 
  • Cleaner indoor air quality 

There are many benefits to installing a new heating or cooling system. Old heating and cooling systems can have problems like noisy performance, lost efficiency, or frequent repairs. A new HVAC system will solve those issues and add value to the home for years to come. Homeowners will not only save money on a new system through tax credits and rebates, but they will also save money on monthly utility bills because of the unit’s energy efficiency. 

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