How Women Have Helped Shape the Heating and Cooling Industry

Women in the HVAC Field

From the innovations of early female inventors to the prominent women working in HVAC today, it is impossible to deny that women have influenced the heating and cooling industry. In honor of Women’s History Month, read on to learn more about how pioneering ladies revolutionized heating and cooling systems and explore women's presence in the HVAC field today. 

Women in HVAC Today

With early pioneers in the industry, one would think that women would be better represented in today’s HVAC industry. However, despite the achievements of women in the field of heating and cooling at the turn of the last century, women today represent a small percentage of workers in the HVAC field. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 1.4% of HVAC technicians in the U.S. were female in 2018. However, the industry is expected to grow rapidly, opening the door for more women to pursue a career in it. There is also an organization that supports women in the HVAC field. Women in HVACR offer scholarships, mentorships, networking opportunities, and much more to help women succeed in this male-dominated field. 

Alice H. Parker 

alice One of the earliest female pioneers in the HVAC field was Alice H. Parker. Parker lived in New Jersey in the early 1900s, and the cold winters there inspired her famous patent. Hoping to find a better way to heat the home, she developed and patented a natural gas furnace with ductwork, an idea revolutionary for its time. 

Most homeowners at the time were heating their homes with wood or coal, but fireplaces could not effectively heat an entire home. Her design used principles still in use today, including natural gas as fuel for a furnace and using air ducts to evenly distribute the heat through a house. Her original designs were never put into production but influenced modern heating systems. 

Margaret Ingels 

margaret Margaret Ingels was the first female engineering graduate from the University of Kentucky and the second female engineering graduate in the U.S. She was a pioneering engineer whose innovations in air conditioning changed the field. Her developments included controlling humidity, temperature, ventilation, and other factors of indoor comfort. 

When working for the Carrier Corporation, she developed the psychrometric chart, which quantified the relationship between air temperature and humidity. This chart provided a more accurate understanding of the conditions necessary for comfortable indoor air quality, helping improve air conditioners. Ingels was a pioneer in air conditioning technology, and her innovations influenced modern air conditioners.

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