This Year's Best High-Tech Holiday Gift!

Give a New Smart Thermostat as a Gift

There is no better time to get a gift for a friend or loved one than during the holiday season. While there are many gift ideas to consider, this one should be memorable. A smart thermostat is an ideal gift for a homeowner, as smart home technology has grown in popularity in recent years. This device automatically adjusts the temperature of indoor spaces to reduce energy usage and save homeowners money. Wi-Fi connectivity is also used by smart thermostats, allowing the user to control various settings remotely from a phone or laptop. 

When to Replace a Thermostat

thermostat Thermostats have a lifespan of around ten years and, after that, will need a replacement. The following symptoms indicate a new thermostat will probably be needed sooner rather than later:

  • Incorrect Temperature Readings: One of the most obvious signs that a thermostat needs to be replaced is inaccurate temperature readings. Sometimes the indoor temperature reading is far from what it feels like. Homeowners can check this using a thermometer and comparing readings.
  • The Display is Not Working: Another common sign is that the display screen is broken. When the display screen goes completely black, it could indicate that the thermostat needs to be replaced.
  • The Air Conditioner Runs for Too Long or Short a Cycle: If the HVAC system turns off too quickly during a cycle or stays running for too long, the thermostat may be faulty.

The Advantages of Smart Thermostats

save While there are numerous benefits of a smart thermostat, the following are some of the most significant advantages:

  • Efficient Energy Use and Cost Savings: Everyone wants to save money, and one of the most costly expenses is heating homes in the winter and cooling them in the summer. Smart thermostats can save homeowners money year after year by automatically adjusting the temperature to meet the needs of the home while keeping everyone comfortable.
  • Easier Programming: Thermostats that require programming to determine when and at what temperature they should operate cause frustration. While many thermostats are easy to program, they can still be confusing, and human error is always possible. Smart thermostats eliminate the need for complicated programming. 

There Are So Many Features!

With the growing popularity of smart home devices, consumers are looking for smart thermostats to ensure energy efficiency in the home during the summer and winter. They provide key energy-saving features that can help homeowners justify installing one.

Wi-Fi connectivity is one of a smart thermostat's most basic yet important features. A Wi-Fi thermostat connects to the customer's home network and the internet, allowing it to be remotely controlled from anywhere using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet via a mobile app. Certain models also allow for control via a web browser.

Many Wi-Fi thermostats also learn the heating and cooling habits of homeowners. These models detect patterns based on how temperatures change over time. The thermostat learns what temperatures the user prefers and how to most efficiently heat or cool the user's home based on environmental conditions and times of day when they’re out of the house. It then makes these changes automatically to save energy and money.

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