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Save Yourself From A Disastrous Home Remodel With These Air Quality Tips & Tricks

For some people, one of the most satisfying decisions they will ever make is to take their current home and finally remodel it to their exact specifications. The flipside of this is to finally buy a home that’s got “good bones” and remodel the rest into what you’ve always dreamed of.

What a lot of people forget, however, is to keep air quality in mind when undertaking this task. But we’ve got some important air quality tips and tricks for you to remember while doing this.

Get Proper Moisture Protection For Floors

Most of the time when people worry about moisture control for floors, it’s in obvious rooms like kitchens or bathrooms where a lot of water gets used.

However, even adjacent rooms should get this kind of consideration, and your basement or attic should also be given some thought. That’s especially true if you want to lay down some carpet during this remodeling.

The reason for this is to prevent mold from growing under the carpet. Carpet is a fiber and therefore can absorb and retain moisture.

If that moisture penetrates underneath, it creates a warm, damp, dark environment that is perfect for some harmful types of mold. Not only does this present a health threat in the form of respiratory issues, getting rid of the problem later means tearing up the carpet and probably replacing it with new carpet.

Block Areas & Make Them Damp

This is especially important if you’re renovating in a home you already live in, as opposed to one where you haven’t moved in yet. With drywall being torn down, new tiles going in, new appliances installed, or whatever else you’re doing, a lot of dust is going to be generated.

For the safety of other people in the home, make sure appropriate barriers—like plastic sheets—are in place to minimize dust spreading. For even more dust reduction, try “misting down” the area with water sprayed about.

A damp area causes much more dust to simply adhere to work surfaces rather than floating through the air. This is a great tip for keeping the air quality clearer and safer.

Replace the Filter In Your HVAC

When all of the major work is done, you’ve only got one, final air quality task to finish off the job. Go to your furnace, or another HVAC system, and take out the filter that’s in there. Ordinarily, we’d say you should do this every three months. After a remodel, however, things are different.

With all the extra dust generated by remodeling, that filter has become far dirtier than it would during average, everyday use. Because of that, your HVAC system will have to work much harder to keep operating, and that reduced efficiency means that your energy bills will go up.

Get your savings back by putting in a fresh filter. Now that everything is done, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the work you’ve done to your home in Spring, TX. You’ve got a home that matches your needs, you may have even increased your property value, and you’ve done it with safer air quality for everyone.