A+ Rated Heating Services in Cypress

If your heating system is out of whack, Morrow Mechanical's technicians in the Greater Houston Area are here to help.

Even in Harris County, Texas, there are times when it gets too cold for comfort. Morrow Mechanical will make sure that your heating is ready for whatever weather comes our way this winter. It is important to make sure everything is working before the cold really sets in. Our background-checked and NATE-certified techs will get your heating ready for the season, even after hours with no additional fee.

We serve all of the Cypress area, including the neighborhoods of:

  • Bridgeland
  • Cypress Springs
  • Cypress Ridge
  • Canyon Lakes West
  • Cypress Country
  • Villages of Cypress Lakes
  • Lone Oak Village
  • Cypress Hill
  • Cypress Fields
  • Longwood Village
  • Cypress Point
  • Cypress Creek Lakes
  • Towne Lakes
  • Coles Crossing

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Furnace and Heating Maintenance

No one would expect their car to run without gas or oil changes, so logically one cannot expect a heater or furnace to run without a heater tune-up. You should have your system checked out at least once a year. Here are just a few of the tasks our technicians might perform for an annual maintenance checkup:

  • Straightening fins
  • Changing filter
  • Checking thermostat
  • Checking fuel lines
  • Checking blower
  • Cleaning and checking coils
  • Checking and tightening electrical connections

A problem with any of these parts will at best decrease the efficiency of your heater and at worst result in complete loss of function. Since there is nothing more reliable about the weather in Harris county than that it can quickly change, make sure your heating contractor is a reliable one.

Warning Signs From Your Heating System

When a storm is coming, anyone in the Houston Metro Area will be familiar with the idea of an early warning system. When your heater or furnace has little hiccups, it may be an early warning system that tells you when there is a need for repair or replacement. Consider calling for an appointment with one of Morrow Mechanical’s knowledgeable, dependable, and friendly staff if any of the following issues occur.

  • Skyrocketing energy bill: If your heating bill takes a sudden vicious turn upward, there may be something that is hindering the efficiency of your heater.
  • Frequent pilot light outage: Are you having to relight the pilot light on your furnace over and over again? This is not something that should be happening.
  • Cooler air blowing: Is the air coming from your vents cooler than normal? Is your heater struggling to maintain a comfortable temperature?
  • Banging: This can be a problem with the fan.
  • Hissing: There may be a leak.

The best way to avoid those unforeseen winter emergencies is with routine care. Be sure to schedule a heating tune-up ahead of time for added peace of mind.

Furnace Repair or Replacement

Sometimes it comes down to knowing there is a problem with the heater or furnace, but not knowing whether it is a question of repair or replacement. The technicians of Morrow Mechanical will be happy to discuss the best possible options for your situation. Perhaps you are ready for a new HVAC system installation or merely need a furnace repair service. Our specialists will take the time to make you as the homeowner aware of all the choices that are available and will help your decision-making with well-informed recommendations.

We are a heating service company that makes our customer’s safety and comfort are a top priority no matter the job. Be it furnace installation, central heating installation, or simply a furnace maintenance service, Morrow Mechanical is here to do the job right the first time.

Call Morrow Mechanical at 281-301-0560 for all your heating needs in Cypress. We have solutions for all your furnace and heater problems.