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From AC repair to replacements and maintenance, Morrow Mechanical is the go-to air conditioning contractor for the Jersey Village area.

If Morrow Mechanical has learned anything from 20+ years as an AC contractor in the Greater Houston Area, it is that people never know what to expect from the weather. Heat and humidity are hallmarks of the summer months and no one can guarantee either sun or rain. One thing that we can ensure is that we will make sure your HVAC system is working to keep your home comfortable no matter what the weather brings. Whether you’re looking for AC maintenance or need more complex help - like a full system replacement - homeowners can count on our contractors.

We serve residents in Jersey Village and the nearby communities of:

  • Lakes of Jersey Village
  • The Park At Jersey Village
  • Northwest Village
  • Gulf Coast Jersey Village
  • Hilcrest Gardens
  • Jersey Northwest
  • Village Green
  • Jersey Meadows Estates
  • Wyndham Village
  • Satsuma

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Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

In the same way that you would not expect a home to stay clean without people picking up their own messes and you wouldn’t expect a car to work without filling it with gas and getting the oil and tires checked, an HVAC system needs to have regular maintenance. You shouldn’t wait until the air conditioning is making strange noises or not cooling well to give us a call.

We provide a full battery of AC maintenance services. While there are many reasons to keep up with your air conditioner’s maintenance, a few examples of the benefits of maintenance are:

  • Extended Life: Your AC will last longer if it is taken care of.
  • Lower Costs: Tune-ups are typically much cheaper than repairs.
  • Early Warning: Problems can be taken care of before they even start.
  • Efficiency: Keeping the unit running at its best will keep energy bills down.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your AC has just been checked will give you confidence you’ll enjoy comfort for the entire season.

Weather may be unpredictable, but Morrow Mechanical’s reliability is certain.

What to Expect from an AC Tune-Up Visit

We know that your time is a precious commodity, so we strive to be on time and take up as little of your schedule as we can. When Morrow Mechanical’s knowledgeable techs come by for an air conditioner tune-up, they will check over all the potential problem areas and make sure all the parts are working as they should. Here are a few examples:

  • Straightening Fins
  • Changing Filter
  • Tightening Electrical Connections
  • Cleaning Coils
  • Checking Coolant Level
  • Checking Blower
  • Checking Drain Pan for leaks or cracks
  • Checking Thermostat

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Repair Versus Replace: Modern AC Services

Perhaps your air conditioner is already needing repair. Perhaps you are considering an upgrade to your system. Morrow Mechanical, as an air conditioning installation company, is equipped to help with this as well. As an authorized Lennox dealer, we have a wide variety of options for any home. We are even available for after-hours calls for no extra charge.

When your air conditioner is exhibiting any of these warning signs, a repair or replacement is likely going to have to happen in the near future:

  • Blowing warmer air
  • Banging
  • Hissing
  • Grinding
  • Leaks

Any of these can be a simple repair or a sign of a larger problem. Here are some things to consider when you are deciding whether to repair or to entirely replace your air conditioning unit.

  • Age of Unit: AC units don’t last much more than 10-15 years. If your air conditioner is over ten years old, there is wear and tear that may leave you replacing parts over and over again.
  • Constant Repairs: Does the AC break down on a regular basis or often need adjustments or parts replaced? Consider saving money by investing in a new unit.
  • High Electric Bills: If your bill has recently gone through the roof, your air conditioner may be to blame.

Local Reviews
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Andrew S.

Andrew S.

Performed a precision heating tuneup on a Lennox furnace installed in 2018. Media filter is good at this time. Heating system is operating as designed.

Near Seattle St, Jersey Village, TX 77040

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