Quality Heating Services in Jersey Village

Whether it is heating maintenance or furnace installation, the professionals at Morrow Mechanical will get it done right the first time.

The unique location of the Houston Metro Area, both close to the ocean and yet still very much landlocked, means that assaults from unpredictable weather can come from any side. While this is also not an area of the world that is known for its cold winters, any Texas resident knows that harsh winter weather may not look like feet of snow, but we are not strangers to freezing rain and bitter temperatures. So even here, in Harris County in southern Texas, you want to make sure your furnace or central heating unit is prepared for the mercurial weather the winter months bring. Morrow Mechanical will do the job on time and right the first time.

We serve homeowners in Jersey Village and the nearby neighborhoods of:

  • Lakes of Jersey Village
  • Northwest Village
  • Hilcrest Gardens
  • The Park At Jersey Village
  • Village Green
  • Gulf Coast Jersey Village
  • Jersey Northwest
  • Wyndham Village
  • Satsuma
  • Jersey Meadows Estates

Homeowners in The Greater Houston area can count on us for heating services. Don’t just take our word for it - visit our reviews page to hear from past customers.

How You Furnace Tells You It Needs Repair

If you are a homeowner, you know that there is seemingly no end to the repairs and little inconveniences that pop up. Some you can be content with while others need attention right away. When it comes to keeping your home cozy, the furnace is not something that you can ignore, and hope the problem goes away.

Larger appliances like a furnace tend to give warning signs that something is wrong. If you answer any of the following questions with a “yes,” then there may be a need to call Morrow for a consultation:

  • Is the furnace difficult to get started?
  • Does the pilot light burn a color that is not the expected blue(such as yellowish or orange)?
  • Is it not heating as well as it once did?
  • Are there loud noises coming from it on a regular basis (more than just the normal pops of expanding and contracting metal housings)?
  • Are there unusual smells coming from your furnace?

Central Heating Installation and Replacement

Not only is Morrow Mechanical a heating repair company, but we are also an authorized Lennox dealer and sell Goodman products as well. We can replace your existing HVAC system or install a completely new central heating installation. Our background checked and drug tested technicians will prepare and execute a plan to get your home comfortable and energy-efficient. Not only will we install the system, but we will make sure it is well sealed and insulated for maximum efficiency so you get the heat that you pay for.

If you need furnace repair service, Morrow Mechanical has your back. Our NATE certified technicians will be there on time and will do the job as quickly as possible. We even offer after-hours service at no additional charge!

Heater and Furnace Maintenance Service

One of the most important things that you as a homeowner can do for your heater or furnace is to schedule regular maintenance for the unit. Getting a heater tune-up is just as important as getting a tune-up for your vehicle. Morrow Mechanical will keep your furnace or heater in tip-top shape. It is best to have a check-up at least once a year.

Benefits of Heater Maintenance

  • Longevity: The heater will last longer and work better if it is maintained.
  • Efficiency: The unit will use less energy if properly serviced.
  • Money-Saving: Maintenance costs less than repairs and energy bills will be lower.
  • Worry-Free: You will have peace knowing your system can handle whatever the season throws at you.

Does your furnace need an update or an upgrade? Call Morrow Mechanical at 281-301-0560 to schedule a heating appointment in Jersey Village with one of our knowledgeable technicians.