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The fact that it is constantly changing may be the only reliable thing about the weather in Harris County. After serving as an AC contractor in the western part of the Greater Houston Metro Area for more than twenty years, Morrow Mechanical understands the air conditioning needs of their residential customers. For AC Repair in Katy, call 281-301-0560 right away! We are here to help you solve all your air conditioning problems. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or a full system replacement, you can count on our experts to help.

We serve homeowners all over Katy and the surrounding communities of:

  • Pine Lakes
  • Woodcreek Reserve
  • Heritage Park West
  • Katyland
  • Katy Heights
  • Heritage Professional Plaza
  • Village Green West
  • Rice
  • Katy Station
  • Riceland Terrace
  • Lilac Terrace
  • Phillips
  • Woodberry
  • Whispering Pines
  • Pine Meadows

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When To  Replace Your Air Conditioner

There are many factors that contribute to the need for AC replacement and repair. Environmental factors are a major contributor to the life or death of an air conditioner. Of course, this is outside the homeowner’s realm of control. Keeping up with the maintenance for the unit is the best solution to help your air conditioning last as long as it possibly can.

Whether the need is to repair or replace, Morrow Mechanical’s drug tested, background checked, and NATE-certified technicians will find the best solution for your home. Sometimes a repair or replacement part is just not enough to keep an air conditioning unit functioning. There are times when replacement is the best choice, including:

  • Age: When a unit has been working for 15 years, it is likely to begin breaking down. Most units cannot last longer than 20 years.
  • High Number of Repairs: Is the unit breaking down at regular intervals? It may be cheaper in the long run to purchase a new unit.
  • High-Flying Bills: Has the electricity bill suddenly skyrocketed? This might indicate a problem with the AC.
  • Unusual Noises: If there are banging, hissing, or whining sounds escaping from your air conditioning unit, it is time to consider a replacement.

New Central AC Installation

At Morrow Mechanical we take pride in being an award-winning air conditioning installation company. Whether you are considering replacing an old unit or investing in an entirely new system for your home in the greater Katy area, our knowledgeable techs will be there to help. We are an authorized Lennox dealer and we also offer Goodman products. We can give your system a complete overhaul with the following services:

  • HVAC Unit Installation
  • Duct Removal, Repair, and Replacement
  • Attic Insulation Removal and Replacement

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The Whys of AC Maintenance

One of the most important things any homeowner can do for their central air conditioning is to have regular tune-ups. This is the best way to keep your unit working and not have to deal with schedule-destroying breakdowns. As an AC service company, we know cooling units never choose a convenient time to stop working. With regular maintenance, this is less likely to happen and you can rest assured that your unit is working at peak performance.

This will keep your energy costs low and ensure a longer lifespan for your air conditioning, catching problems before they start. With honest and upfront pricing and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, Morrow Mechanical will make sure your Katy home is comfortable in all seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can damage AC?

The most common cause of damage to an AC unit is a lack of maintenance. This can include failing to replace the air filter or clean the coils, which will result in the system working harder and eventually breaking down.

Other potential causes of damage can include leaving windows or doors open while the AC is running, allowing pets or insects inside, or using an extension cord that isn't rated for use with an AC unit. If you're having any problems with your AC unit, it's best to call an AC repair professional rather than try to fix it yourself.

Can I run my AC without a filter for one night?

It's not a great idea. Running your AC without a filter can cause the accumulation of dirt and dust in the unit, which can lead to decreased efficiency and even damage to the compressor. Plus, it's really not good for your health to be breathing in all that dust and dirt!

It's a good idea to change or clean your AC filter at least every month, depending on how often you run your AC. If you don't have time to change or clean the filter yourself, you can always call a professional AC repair service to do it for you.

How do I know if my AC fuse is blown?

If your AC fuse is blown, it will likely be very obvious. You might notice that your AC isn't working at all, or that it's blowing warm air instead of cold.

In order to determine whether your AC fuse is blown, you can check the fuse box. The fuse box will be in a closet or hallway near where your AC is located. Once you've located the fuse box, take a look at the fuses. If one of them is broken or looks damaged, then it's likely that the fuse is blown.

If you're not sure how to replace a fuse, or if you think that the problem might be something else, then it's best to call a professional AC repairman.

Local Reviews
for Katy, TX

Matt K.

Matt K.

Hard reset thermostat and verified refrigerant charge upstairs system. All systems working to spec on arrival after reset.

Near Morgan Fair Ln, Katy, TX 77450
David M.

David M.

Installing 5 ton ml14 condenser only for 1st floor on 5-27-2022

Near Sebey Ridge Ln, Katy, TX 77494
Matt K.

Matt K.

All service checks passed. Negative refrigerant leak detection. Drains open and flowing. Discussed issues with age and reliability.

Near Laverton Dr, Katy, TX 77450
Matt K.

Matt K.

Downstairs system leaking r22. Follow up scheduled for end of June. Reconnected power to downstairs condenser.

Near Faircreek Ln, Katy, TX 77450
Matt K.

Matt K.

Add media filter cabinet and adjust system components to allow room for it in attic.

Near Daybreak Wy, Katy, TX 77494

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