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AC and Heating Services in Katy, TX

A/C Repair

When you need repairs on your air conditioning system, we are the company to call. All of our technicians are highly trained; they participate in weekly training to keep them up to date on all new advances in your systems. They are passionate about their careers and strive to get the job done on the first visit. We promise to have only the finest professionals at your home that are known for their quality workmanship. We would be honored to correct any air conditioning repairs that are needed at your home to ensure that your family has the comfort they deserve.

Furnace Repair

If your furnace is having a problem running during the winter time we will have a technician come to your home to diagnose the issue. Our technicians will go over the system thoroughly and sit down with you to discuss options with upfront pricing and no hidden fees. We'll make sure that you're warm and cozy during the frigid nights.

Morrow Mechanical service in Katy, TX

A/C & Heating System Maintenance & Tune-ups

Tune-ups are a great preventative for your system having major, costly issues. We offer two tune-ups in a year, one for your summer A/C needs, and another for your winter furnace needs. When we come to your home to do maintenance or tune-up checks we can see how your system is running and if anything is being overworked. Doing that helps you have a longer lasting A/C and heating system.

Air Conditioning System Replacement

Air conditioners play an immense role in our Texas heat. If your A/C is breaking down often because of the condition it's in, we have got a smart option for you. Instead of trying to restore your old air conditioning system multiple times and having numerous expenses, we will make life easier for you by replacing your system and bypassing all other controversy.

Same Day Service

We understand that things happen that you have no control of right in the middle of your busy day. So if you are needing a technician at your house to look at a concern you have with your system and you have a tight schedule, we do everything in our power to fit right into your lively day. We don't want you to spend all day with an issue in regards to the system or to go without heating or air during the unpredictable Texas weather changes.

Attic Insulation

In a home where the attic insulation is poorly leveled, you will not get the desired feel in the house that you want. One of the most common asked questions is, "why is my living room so much colder than my bedroom?" The answer to that is the uneven insulation. We are very skilled in knowing if the insulation is going to be appropriate for your home or not. If you are ever experiencing this effect in your home we are the people to call.

A/C Ductwork Installation & Replacement

You want to have the cleanest air coming into your house, right? Well, good thing because we know just how to make that dream come true. We can provide you with A/C ductwork replacement or installation options. If your ductwork has mold or is just old in general, let us take care of you by replacing it and keeping your home a safe place with clean air for you and your family to breathe in. We focus on your safety first, we won't turn a blind eye to any obstacle your ductwork may have.

We provide emergency air conditioning service to all of these Katy area zipcodes 77493, 77494, and 77450.


"A Call To Morrow Today Is All It Takes"   CALL 281-370-1566