Fast and Reliable AC and Heating Solutions for Montgomery, TX Homeowners

A/C Repair

At Morrow Mechanical, we offer fast and reliable service for all your air conditioning repair needs. When calling for an appointment, we will work around your family's busy schedule to get you scheduled at a convenient time. No one should be left in the Texas heat with no air conditioning, which is why we have technicians at the ready with fully stocked trucks to get your home cooling that day!

Furnace Repair

When your left shivering in the cold, you need someone knowledgeable in Montgomery that you can rely on to take care of things quickly. To ensure that you are receiving the best possible service, we only hire licensed technicians who are required to undergo extensive weekly training. Our technicians are constantly learning new practices and technology involved with proper furnace troubleshooting techniques.

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A/C & Heating System Maintenance & Tune-ups

Properly maintaining your A/C and heating system not only cuts down on repair costs but also improves your system's performance. When you have regular maintenance performed on your system to keep the unit in prime working order, you will begin saving money by increasing its efficiency and preventing costly breakdowns.

Air Conditioning System Replacement

Have you been experiencing outrageous energy bills? If your utility costs have skyrocketed you may need to consider replacing your air conditioning system. An old, inefficient system will have to work much harder than a newer and well-maintained unit. Replacing your A/C system is a big decision, but in the long run, you could be saving tons of money by lowering the amount you spend on energy and reducing costly repairs.

Same Day Service

You can always count on us for emergency service in Montgomery that very day! We have highly skilled and qualified HVAC professionals ready to tackle any problems you encounter with your system. Our technicians are available evenings and weekends for those unexpected breakdowns.

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Attic Insulation

Many homes have blown-in insulation and when improperly installed this can cause certain rooms in the house to be warmer than others because of the inconsistencies. An attic with properly installed insulation can eliminate hot spots, ultimately creating an even level of comfort throughout the entire home.

A/C Ductwork Installation & Replacement

Homes that are 15-30 years old can have ductwork that becomes contaminated with dirt, cold, and mildew that builds up over the years. Duct cleaning is not usually sufficient or effective for tackling these pollutants. A new duct system to accommodate your A/C will guarantee you are getting the cleanest air possible.

Local Reviews
for Montgomery, TX

Chris M.

Chris M.

Upon arrival customer stated that allergies for them and the cats were getting high. Discussed air purification with them. Inspected the duct work shower Mr. Webb the condition they were in. Talked about a duct replacement and a full attic reno.

Near Spring Branch Trail, Montgomery, TX 77316
Josh C.

Josh C.

Performed precision AC tune up on both systems. Tested power distribution system and corresponding starting components. Checked operating refrigerant pressures to ensure peak performance and efficiency. Found downstairs system low on refrigerant. Determined this was result of leak inside evaporator coil. Recharged system with 410a as temporary measure per customer request. Cannot guarentee how long refrigerant will last or remain inside the system. Found compressors drawing high amperage during initial start up. Installed start assist kit on both condensers to lower starting amperage. Load shedding purposes which will also ensure proper compressor operations when relying on generator back up power. Purged drains and used alkaline treatment to reduce bacterial growth within drains. Washed outdoor coils to maintain heat rejection.

Near Grand Lake Estates Dr, Montgomery, TX 77316
Customer  S.

Customer S.

Returned to asses noise on outdoor unit for upstairs system. Found outdoor fan motor bearings making noise during equipment operations. Amperage within desirable range. Aside from humming noise system fully operational without issues found. All checks are good at this time

Near Spring Branch Rd, Montgomery, TX 77316
Josh C.

Josh C.

Performed precision AC tune up. Checked operating refrigerant pressures to ensure peak performance and efficiency. Tested power distribution system and corresponding starting components. Found compressor drawing high amperage on D/S system. Installed start assist kit to alleviate starting amperage. Verified proper amp draw; optimal. Washed outdoor coils thoroughly to maintain heat rejection. Used alkaline treatment to reduce bacterial growth within primary drain. Replaced both media filters 20x25. All checks are good at this time. Both systems are currently operating within desirable specifications

Near Stonecrop Pl, Montgomery, TX 77316
Chris M.

Chris M.

Preformed a quality AC tune up on one system that we did not install. No media filter to replace, no air purification or surge protection to inspect. All ac operations are operating properly at this time. Also renewed pac membership.

Near Youpon Dr, Montgomery, TX 77316

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