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A/C Repair

We all know one of our biggest fears as a resident of Willis is to have your air conditioning system fail on you in the middle of the hot, sizzling summer. When you call Morrow Mechanical to come out, we get the job fixed right the first time - guaranteed! Our technicians arrive within a 2-hour window and keep their trucks fully stocked for the fastest turnarounds possible.

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Furnace Repair

We are fully licensed and ready to tackle all of your heating needs. Our service team specializes in furnace repairs. And during the slow winter season of ours, the technicians continue their education of the HVAC system. So when that unlikely evening of below-freezing hits and your home is unbearably frigid, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to get your family's home warm and cozy again.

A/C & Heating System Maintenance & Tune-ups

Annual preventative maintenance is key to having your system running efficiently as possible. We can come out every spring and fall to tune up your AC and heating systems. A properly maintained system can last you for several years and the annual tune-ups also help keep your warranty with the manufacturer on the systems in proper order. Here we offer a yearly maintenance program that is worry-free and comes with fantastic discounts. Give us a call to get you all set up this season. Just remember maintenance will help prevent the small problems from becoming big ones.

Air Conditioning System Replacement

Your home's air conditioning and heating system is most likely the single biggest use of energy in your home. As an HVAC system ages, it starts becoming less and less efficient. If your system is at that point, give us a call to book your free estimate and start saving money on your energy costs today. Having a properly designed and correctly installed system can have a huge impact on your energy costs.

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Same Day Service

When you call us with an air conditioning or heating issue we get out to your home with same-day service. We understand emergency situations arise and we do everything we can to make sure you and your family are kept safe. Our fast and reliable technicians are standing by to troubleshoot your problem.

Attic Insulation

Do you want to save money, use less energy, and add value to your home? It's all about being comfortable in your home and to achieve that goal, just give us a call. Having poor insulation or no insulation at all can make your electric bill go through the roof. Adding insulation to your attic can help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, helping you save money and lengthening the life of your home.

A/C Ductwork Installation & Replacement

Your ductwork system has a very important job and that is to distribute cool or warm air throughout your home. If your ductwork is in poor condition, imbalanced, improperly insulated, or has leaks/tears this could cost you comfort, health, and unnecessary utility costs. A significant amount of your energy could be wasted by duct leakage. We take the quality of your comfort seriously. We have installation teams ready to replace your old duct system. Get your home tested today!

Local Reviews
for Willis, TX

Chris M.

Chris M.

Preformed a quality AC tune up on one system we did not install. Replaced the media filter. Found power distribution system weak and under manufactures specs. Compressor is over amping and hard start kit no longer operating. Customer opted out of repairs at this time. And signed up on pac membership

Near Lake Conroe Hills Dr, Willis, TX 77318
Chris M.

Chris M.

Preformed a quality prepaid heat tune up on one system that we installed in 2014 package unit with no media filter no air purification or surge protection to inspect. All heating operations are operating properly at this time.

Near Brigadier Dr, Willis, TX 77318
Sam S.

Sam S.

Performed heater maintenance. Checked start up sequence, checked safety switches and components. Inspected burner assembly and ignition controls. Confirmed no Carbo monoxide at this time. Temp rise within manufacturers specifications. Inspected blower compartment and fan operation. Everything working at this time.

Near Sagittarius E, Willis, TX 77318
Sam S.

Sam S.

Performed heater maintenance on heat pump system. Verified heat strip operation. Verified proper reversing valve operation. Verified defrost control board working properly. Inspected blower compartment and indoor coil. System working properly at this time.

Near Lake Breeze Ln, Willis, TX 77318
Chris M.

Chris M.

Upon arrival tstat was set to 75 and it was 77 inside the house. Ran through a little tune up to make sure everything was working properly and all the heating operations are operating as designed.

Near Brandi Ln, Willis, TX 77378

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