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Morrow Mechanical is Harris County's choice for furnace maintenance and repair service!

Getting stuck without a heater during the chilly season can be an irritating situation to be in. As a homeowner, it is important that you have the connections that you need to keep your home running in top shape regardless of the circumstances. Whether your home is heated by a gas furnace or a heat pump, you need to have a furnace contractor that is on your side with a long track record of making quick repairs and performing cost-efficient maintenance and installations.

When looking for the perfect fit for your heating contractor, check out our experts at Morrow Mechanical in Tomball. Our team has been in the business of keeping Houston Metro area customers comfortable for over 20 years. Our NATE-certified technicians are qualified and experienced to perform repairs on all types of residential heating systems.

We serve residents all over Tomball and the surrounding neighborhoods of:

  • Tomball Heights
  • The Tomball Pines
  • James Place
  • Dartford Square
  • Tomball Hills
  • Main Street Tomball
  • Tomball Parkway Plaza
  • Tomball Terrace
  • Spring Pines Estates
  • Spring Forest Estates
  • Howe Tract
  • Dicar Place

With a track record like this in our community, we have created raving fans. See our reviews page to see what homeowners are saying about us.

The Importance of Heater Tune-Ups

Even in The Greater Houston Area, heating a home during the cool season can be a budget line item. While the winter temperatures aren’t as cold as our summers are hot, it is always in your best interest to save money wherever you can. A major source of savings during the winter can be to invest in a heater tune-up or routine furnace maintenance. Routine maintenance can save money by increasing the efficiency of your heater. This reduction in heating bills can add up when taken into account over the course of several months.

Along with saving money on operating costs, heater tune-ups can reduce costs further by preventing major problems. Furnace problems in the middle of the winter can add huge unexpected costs as well as uncomfortable delays while you wait for repairs. By scheduling tune-ups, homeowners can expect their heating equipment to run more effectively and reliably through the heating season. When these savings are coupled with increased efficiency, heater tune-ups become cost-effective and save homeowners money over the season.

When to Call for Heating Repair in Tomball

Like most problems, heater problems tend to get worse if they’re ignored. When problems are left alone they can spread, especially in heating systems. To prevent a furnace problem from spiraling out of control, it is important to recognize when to call your heating service company. Some of the signs that furnace repairs are needed are:

  • Lack of heating power
  • Poor air circulation
  • Rattling or banging noises
  • Unusual odors
  • High energy bills
  • Electrical problems

Calling Morrow Mechanical at the first sign of trouble is always the right choice. As soon as you are suspicious that your heater is having problems, we can quickly dispatch help to get your unit fixed up quickly.

A great way to keep repair issues at bay is to keep up with maintenance. Be sure to ask about our Priority Care Club to enjoy savings and other perks.

The Furnace Installation Process

Installing a furnace or heater may seem like a big deal. But, when you have over two decades of experience, the process is simple and fast. Morrow Mechanical can make a big job like heater installation go more smoothly than you could’ve imagined. During the process we will discuss things like:

  • Proper sizing of your new heater based on many factors in the construction of your home.
  • Your choice of utility, whether gas or electric.
  • Your favorite style of unit, such as central heating or ductless systems.

Once we have selected the perfect unit for you, we will remove the old system and install the new one. The installation process may leave you without heat for a day or so but in many cases, we can restore service almost immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my heat running but not heating?

There are a few reasons why your heat might be running but not heating. The most common problem is a faulty thermostat. If the thermostat isn't working properly, it won't send a signal to the furnace to turn on.

Another possibility is that the furnace itself is broken. If the furnace isn't working, the heat will still run, but it won't be able to warm up your home.

If you're not sure what's causing the problem, it's best to call a heating repair technician. They can inspect your system and diagnose the issue.

Why is heat not coming out of my vents?

You may have a clogged vent. This can be caused by anything from animals building nests to leaves and other debris getting caught in the vents.

If your vents are clogged, it will prevent the heat from circulating through your home, which can cost you money in increased energy bills. It's also dangerous to have a buildup of heat in your home, as it can quickly become very hot.

If you think that your vents may be clogged, call a heating repair service to come and take a look. They will be able to clear the vents and help get your home back to its normal temperature.

How do you fix a furnace that overheats?

If your furnace is overheating, it's important to have it fixed by a professional as soon as possible. Overheating can cause extensive damage to your furnace, and can even be dangerous.

There are a few things you can do in the meantime to try to fix the problem:

1) Check the filters and make sure they're clean. Dirty filters can cause the furnace to overheat.

2) Make sure all the vents are open and that there isn't any obstruction blocking the airflow.

3) Try turning off the power to the furnace for a few minutes, then turn it back on. This might reset the system and help it cool down.

4) If all else fails, call in a professional.

We at Morrow Mechanical know that your HVAC system is a vital part of maintaining the comfort of your home in Tomball. That's why we offer quality heating repair and maintenance services to keep it running smoothly!

Put our experience to work for you! Schedule your Tomball, TX heater maintenance or new heater installation today. Call 281-301-0560 for reliable and trustworthy service in Harris County!