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Purchasing a new cooling system is one of the biggest financial decisions that come with owning a home. The cost to buy and install new equipment is only a small fraction of your total expense. In addition to the purchase and installation cost, you must consider utility bills, maintenance, the price of repairs to fix the unit when it breaks down, and replacement upon premature failure. If it’s time for a new air conditioner in your Spring, TX area home, Morrow Mechanical is here to help you choose the best unit for your needs.

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When Is It Time for a New AC?

The first thing to know about buying a new air conditioner is that you shouldn’t rush your decision. Be sure to do your homework in advance and use good judgment. In the event your unit is undersized, for example, you could find yourself dealing with 10 years of excessive utility and repair bills. It may also fail to deliver the comfort you desire, adversely affecting your family’s safety and health.

While the decision to purchase a new AC unit involves many factors, here are some of the common signs it’s time for a replacement:

  • Age: If your current system is 10-15 years old, it’s probably near the end of its lifespan.
  • Repair cost: If your existing AC unit is no longer under warranty and the repairs are becoming frequent and expensive, it’s worth considering purchasing a new unit.
  • Utility cost: Have you noticed that your energy bills are much higher than they once were? This is due to the inefficiency of an older HVAC system.
  • Uneven or ineffective cooling: If your system is no longer able to cool your home to the desired temperature, a new unit may be required.
  • Air quality: One of the jobs of your air conditioner is to help filter the air. If you’re seeing an uptick in dust or find yourself suffering from allergies, an old or dirty air conditioner could be to blame.
  • Performance: Whether your old air conditioner is making strange noises, leaking water, or constantly turning on and off, performance issues can quickly become a nuisance - especially in the summer months.

If any of these signs sound familiar to you, a new air conditioner installation might be the solution. Call us today to get started!

Installation Factors to Consider

Our expert air conditioning technicians will help you choose the best unit for your home. Here are the main factors to consider when purchasing a new air conditioner:

Proper sizing

In order to reap the most energy and operating cost savings, it is important to properly size the equipment for your home. To determine the correct size, accurate measurements of every space in the house are necessary; this includes insulation levels in floors, ceilings, and walls as well as the size, number, and type of windows.

Units that are sized too large for the home are susceptible to short cycling and can cause uneven temperatures throughout the house. The air is not circulated as much as it would be with a system of the correct size.

When a unit is too small, it will struggle to keep up with demand and in turn cost you more in monthly utility bills.


When replacing your air conditioning unit, existing ductwork plays a major role in the process. Older ductwork can become dirty over time, which can cause the air quality in the home to suffer. It is important that the ductwork is designed and installed properly.

In order to receive the most benefits from your new air conditioning and heating system, we will need to make sure your ductwork is sealed and sized accordingly. Correct sizing will help prevent hot and cold zones around your home.

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Your home’s insulation is one of the most important factors when it comes to improving energy efficiency. Your HVAC system often accounts for more than half of the energy expenses of a home.

If your attic is not sealed and insulated properly, just imagine all that hot air moving into your living space as it escapes that hot contaminated attic. Your system then must work in overdrive just to cool the living area.


Zoning can help you reach a maximum comfort level by grouping together areas of your home that have similar cooling and heating needs. These zones allow you to independently control the temperature in each area. Similar to multiple light switches in different rooms, multiple zone thermostats control the temperature in different areas of the home.

Taking the time to get a proper system analysis will help guarantee long-term peace of mind with your new AC installation. Contact us today for more expert advice!

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