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For most homeowners, when they think about the environment inside their homes, they’re mostly focused on the temperature. This is especially true for the Spring, TX area, where temperatures can skyrocket daily. However, indoor air quality is just as important if not more so. Why? Because it directly affects your health and more specifically your respiratory system. Whether you’re someone who suffers from allergies, has an older family member, or simply want to have a healthier home, investing in indoor air quality is essential. At Morrow Mechanical, we have the knowledge and expertise to help get your home going in the right direction.

Here's our complete list of air quality solutions we offer:

What’s In the Air You Breathe?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, pollutants are typically two to five times more concentrated in indoor spaces. That means dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne particles could be floating through your air and into your lungs.

Don't let airborne pollutants build up inside your HVAC system or your home. Call Morrow Mechanical for indoor air quality enhancement! We can recommend and install the ideal air purification system for your unique needs.

A simple way to improve your air quality is with routine air filter replacements. Be sure to ask about our maintenance services and how you can get this taken care of.

Our Indoor Air Quality Solutions

For homeowners looking to improve the indoor air quality in their Spring, TX home, there are plenty of different solutions available. At Morrow Mechanical, we focus on providing personalized solutions, including:

  • Air Purifiers: Don't rely on a standard HVAC filter to catch all of the microscopic germs in your air. Even the most economical air cleaners can remove up to 98% of household contaminants.
  • UV Air Sanitizers: Harnessing the power of ultraviolet light, UV sanitizers zap germs and microorganisms before they can spread across your home.
  • Air Duct Installation: If you have old ductwork, you could be inviting dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants into your indoor air. Our team can repair or replace your ductwork and transform your air quality.
  • Attic Insulation: Insulation can get contaminated by a range of things including pesticides and pests. Those same irritants can make their way into the air you breathe. We can help remove and replace this insulation for improved air quality and energy performance.
  • Smart Home Thermostats: While smart thermostats may not have a direct impact on your air quality, there are some systems that do monitors for Volatile Organic Compounds and CO2 levels. This can help alert homeowners of dangerous conditions inside the home.

If you are interested in an indoor air quality enhancement solution that you don't see on the list, give us a call anyway. Our experienced team of HVAC technicians can help you solve any indoor air quality problem.

Reasons to Improve Your IAQ

Quantifying indoor air quality can be difficult because many of the symptoms often go unnoticed. However, there are plenty of perks that come from investing in your indoor air quality, including:

  • Sinus Problems: Bad air quality is always going to affect your respiratory system. Sinus infections, constant congestion, and general discomfort can all be curbed with the right filtration system.
  • Irritation: Whether your skin or eyes are irritated because of pollutants and dander in the air, it can lead to a lot of discomforts. By filtering these impurities out of the air, you may see a decline in the need for eye drops.
  • Better Sleep: With cleaner air, there is less strain on your respiratory system. This can help curb excess snoring and can also lead to improved sleep.
  • Fewer Odors: Nothing is worse than coming home to odors. Whether it’s mildew or just a musty smell that can’t be located, putting a filtration system in place can help keep your home smelling fresh.
  • Energy Savings: While most air quality benefits focus on your health, cleaner air can also protect your AC. This stems from the fact that less dust and grime make their way onto the evaporator coils, which are responsible for keeping your home cool.

Your indoor air quality (IAQ) plays a critical role in your health. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, removing pollutants from your indoor air can be life-changing. Even if you don't experience frequent respiratory problems, air purification techniques reduce the likelihood that you will get sick from bacteria or viruses in your indoor air.

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What Can Affect Your Indoor Air Quality?

Because air quality issues happen at a microscopic level, it can be difficult to understand what is affecting your air quality in the first place. Some common culprits include:

  • Gas-powered appliances
  • Dirty or contaminated insulation
  • Damaged, dusty, or old ductwork
  • Excessively harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Bacteria or pollutants inside the air conditioner

Additionally, you could be tracking dirt, dander, and debris on your feet every day. This is particularly important for Spring, TX homeowners who have carpets or rugs inside their homes.

Tips for DIY Homeowners

While professional solutions are always going to be the best way to make a significant impact on the air quality inside your home, there are still some things Spring, TX homeowners can do to make a dent. For starters, remembering to replace your air filter regularly can make a big difference in the air in your home, especially if you have pets. Another great step to take is routinely vacuuming carpets and rugs. They can easily harbor tons of dander and debris from outside and can easily contribute to air quality issues.

One more unique alternatives for air quality is bringing indoor plants into the home. Not only do they add a little life to your decor, but also they can help filthy air and improve odors. Of course, for homeowners looking for a more significant impact on air quality, be sure to work with our experts at Morrow Mechanical.

Keep your home and family healthy with indoor air quality solutions in Spring, TX from Morrow Mechanical. Call us at 281-301-0560 to learn more about your options today!